Herman Cornejo

Herman Cornejo

Herman Cornejo Born in the province of San Luis in central Argentina and grew up in Buenos Aires, Herman Cornejo started studying ballet at 8, following his older sister, Erica — they are two years apart. At the age of 16, Cornejo was the Gold Medal winner of the VIII International Dance Competition in Moscow […]

Authority Over our Weather

Authority Over our Weather As spiritual darkness manifest – we enforce THE KINGDOM of god Knowing Him Destructive weather isn’t from God, we have a covenant Who are we? Taking Dominion OVER the Atmosphere As sons of God, we ask him to shine His full frequency of light on us and our world to expose […]


Couture? Regardless of how you pick your style, one should always bear in mind that fashion is a personal statement Couture is the gold standard that graces the red carpet From established ateliers that have been stitching fantastical gowns for generations, to small-house specialists. Going beyond Paris… Beautiful Details from the Zimmermann Spring 2021 Hermes […]

Irene, Elisabeth Pouw

Irene, Elisabeth Pouw I am Irene, Elisabeth Pouw, a Dutch fashion- and interior blogger. I am fond of flowers! I noticed that flowers really make me happy while decorating them at home. Or when I am busy with pots and plants on my sunny balcony. I really get the energy from them. I am connecting […]

Men and Women Communication Skills

Men and Women Communication Skills For a marriage to succeed, both spouses must hear each other’s differences of opinion on a matter without getting defensive. Set a goal to keep the door open if she or he doesn’t see it your way. Saving the relationship is worth the effort to continue learning from each other. […]

Rudy Rodriguez

Dr. Rudy Rodriguez founder of OEWM

Rudy Rodriguez A native of California enjoys the outdoors – an avid camper. Many are his interest, his passion? Spending time with God. Then, teaching. Over forty years ago, founded the On Eagles Wings Ministry Institute – demonstrating God’s love, healing and empowerment had traveled to Ghana (Africa), Cuba, Mexico, and innumerable places as God […]

Color Your Life

Color Your Life Which Colors brings energy to your life? To begin, slow down and yes, you can be your best friend. It is our choice to dwell on the beauty of life. Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. […]

Running with the Horses


Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Spread the word Share on telegram Share on email Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Tap into your marvelous intuition Your experiences can help others because no one […]

Stressed? Learn to Engage Your Vision and Breath

Stressed? Learn to engage your Vision and Breath What is stress’s the relationship has to do with vision? Why is the visual field so connected to this brain state? How are breathing and the brain connected? Begin Find a point straight in front of you and focus on it. Now gradually become aware of what’s […]