Rudy Rodriguez

A native of California enjoys the outdoors – an avid camper.

Many are his interest, his passion? Spending time with God.

Then, teaching.

Over forty years ago, founded the On Eagles Wings Ministry Institute – demonstrating God’s love, healing and empowerment had traveled to Ghana (Africa), Cuba, Mexico, and innumerable places as God had sent him.

Blessing Your Body

“Thank you YHVH for creating me and placing me on earth at this time to bring glory to Your Name. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalms. 139:14)

I bless my hair, teeth and nails to be healthy and strong.

I bless my skin to remain clear and free of wrinkles or disease.

I bless my brain and memory to remain clear and sharp.

I bless my dendrites (Extension of the nerve cells) to grow and multiply and be healthy.

I bless my hypothalamus to stay in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual homeostasis.

I bless my limbic and synapses systems to re-route the neuropathways of memory to line up with God’s thoughts and attitudes.

I bless my fighter cells to seek out, attack and destroy the abnormal cells in my body.

I bless my ears to hear clearly physically and spiritually.

I bless my eyes to see clearly physically and spiritually.

I bless my sinuses to remain clear and free of blockage or hypersensitivity.

I bless my tongue to speak kind and encouraging words.

I bless my spinal cord, vertebrae and discs to remain in perfect alignment. I speak healing to those areas of my back that have pain.

I bless my heart, arteries and veins to remain strong and free of blockage.

I bless my lungs to function at maximum capacity.

I bless my endocrine and adrenal systems to supply the proper amount of hormones my body needs for this stage of my life.

I bless my circulatory system to send the right amounts of oxygen and blood to my extremities.

I bless my reproductive system. Thank you God for making me (male/female) to fulfill the purposes you have planned for me.

I bless my nervous system to fire properly throughout my body. I speak healing to those areas where my nervous system has been damaged.

I bless my digestive system to function smoothly. I speak healing to those areas weakened by the effects of stress.

I bless my muscles, tendons and ligaments to be strong and flexible.

I bless my bones and cartilage to remain healthy and support my body.

I bless my body to be a healthy weight and desire only the nutritious food it needs. I bless my lymphatic system to rid itself of any toxins in my body.

Thank you YHVH for creating me in Your image. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful are Your works,

I know this very well. Amen.”

Encountering Heaven and audio podcast you can listen to anywhere.

For those who believe and who are familiar with God’s Word, bringing these truths to greater light and understanding.

This series is to educate the believer with regard to the total process of spiritual inner healing.

River of Life podcast

At OEWMi, we are prepared to help you overcome the challenges of life – we have a ONE on ONE ministry tailored to your needs.


To help the Pastors, Leaders, and Ministers of local churches to equip the Body of Christ for service. Following the successful model of the Supernatural Institute, they will be able to teach, train, and mobilize men and women of all ages for a life of service to our Lord Jesus Christ in the church, their home and the secular workplace.

This program of study will cause every spiritual gift to be stirred up, and you will be activate in the supernatural power of God; at the same time, it will empower you to demonstrate and apply what you have learned at their local church, home, and secular workplace.

clarice fluitt

Our friend Dr. Fluitt touches lives through her wisdom, wit, and extraordinary insight, providing avenues of transformational change to individuals from every walk of life.

benny hinn

Pastor Hinn is now teaching from Miracle Services to Healing Crusades, bringing light to scriptures to hear God’s voice.

Chuck Pierce

Dr. Chuck Pierce is the president of Glory of Zion International in Corinth, TX. This ministry facilitates the vision of other apostolic ministries worldwide.

On September 24, 2016 at the Heartland Summit in Kearney, Nebraska through the Chancellor Mike Pearson of the Court of Chancellors released the Eternal Jubilee upon the Ekklesia present in Kearney, Kansas. Our Supernatural Institute was created to help the Pastors, Leaders, and Ministers of the local Ekklesia to equip the Sons of God for service.

Dr. Rudy Rodriguez founder of OEWM
Founder of On Eagles Wings Ministries

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