Patriots on the Move


Heroes are Showing Up in Every Country Around the World

We all have the potential to be heroes — acting out of kindness to help; sharing our truth with another in a loving way…. really, isn’t a hero someone who chooses through small or large acts to make this world a better place for someone else?

See video –  is one Canadian standing up and living their truth.

Derek Sloan, a Member of Parliament in Canada, is a lone voice in the halls of elected representatives. Derek raises concerns about the censorship of doctors & scientists.

Ask questions, document, use your cell phone to record.

The Defender – Children’s Health Defense News & Views. Big Pharma, Vaccines, and more. Be informed.

“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.” – Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.  is an American environmental lawyer, author, and anti-vaccine advocate. He is the chairman of Children’s Health Defense, an anti-vaccine advocacy group. Kennedy is a son of Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of John F. Kennedy.


We still want to know how the homeless people survived the deadliest airborne disease known to mankind?!?

The MAGA Pill– President Trump Administration Accomplishments

The Last Refuge – The Conservative Tree House

American Thinker – Articles

Right Side Broadcastingchannel YouTube – They follow President Rallies

Rush Limbaugh American’s Anchorman

One American News Network

James Woods in Telegram -copy and paste in your browser


Will be adding as soon as new platforms free of censure are available.

Welcome I have joined:

Check out THE RED WAVE USA group in MeWe, join us.


1.- CloutHub   @CarmensSITE  or in the search by my name Carmen Rodriguez

2.- Gab 

3.- MeWe:

4.- Let’s Parler  they are rebuilding from the group up, they will come back soon – @CarmensSite   

When the tyrants (Democrats) like to drown us, we just FLOW over, under, sideways. We don’t consent.

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